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Pumpkin Soup


Growing up, my mother and I spent endless hours cooking in her kitchen. Giggling, I would sneak bites of ingredients. Watching her cook and making it look effortless left a lasting impression on me. Being with her taught me to use love in my recipes. When I was a teenager my mother recognized my talent and sent me to culinary school.


Fast forward 30 years, the kids are grown and it is time to follow my dreams. My mother's African Peanut soup was always a favorite and it was this soup and the love for it that inspired Momma Gs Soup.


In 2016 we launched with a tasting event for friends and family and called it Souper Saturday. After all the surveys came back and prayers sent up we launched our business at Mt Hood Community College, Saturday Market, as a vendor. This was an amazing launching pad for who we are today.


Now we are available to retail, wholesale, and at third-party vendor locations. This is all because of our wonderful customers and of course "For the Love of Soup".


- Momma G


It all began one fall day in my Mother's kitchen...
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